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1920s  The roaring 20s saw the birth of  'the swing' and 'Charleston with women dressed in Fun Time Flapper dresses and men in pinstripe suits. Gold Pin Stripe Suit    1940s  The  0s was a war dominated society with 'the blitz' in spirit. Naval or Air Force fancy dress or WW2 Land Girl Costume teamed with a 1940s wig works very well.  1950s    Leading on to the 50s where Rock n Roll is rocking around the clock and the icon image of Marilyn Monroe in her epic white halter neck dress Grease.  1960s  The 60's saw the evolution of Elvis and the growth of the Hippy movement the swinging 60s such a fun age.  Party Girl, Groovy Guy Costume Woodstock Hippy Chick. 1970s  The start of the 70s brought massive changes introducing the age of disco and pop culture.  Icons such as Freddie Mercuy and fashion trends in funky flares with flicked wigs are perfect for the look.  1980s. This was the age of the big hair and bad makeup and crazy clothes covered in colour and neon.  80s Wild Child, Top Gun Maverick, legwarmers and Neon UV Accessories

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Flared Trousers

Flared Trousers


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